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Inspiration, curated.

Start your day with a better new tab page that has stunning imagery of the most beautiful places on earth.

Focus is about saying "yes" to one thing.

Passport is a daily companion to help you achieve personal and professional success. The extension shows you positive quotes and daily intentions as you work on your most important projects.

Inspiration, curated.

Passport has a hand-crafted selection of images and quotes.

Say "yes" to one thing.

Daily Intentions help you form positive habits to stay productive long-term.

Useful widgets like Daily Intention, Weather, and more.

Simple, powerful additions to help you do more like Pomodoro timers and water reminders.

Stay inspired with the best of Unsplash images.

See beautiful images from Unsplash, the internet's best collection of images.

Get motivated by great thinkers.

Read insightful quotes from makers like Jony Ive and thinkers like Stephen Hawking .

Stay on task even when your network isn't.

Passport works even when your computer is offline.

Get more customization with Passport Plus.

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