Introducing Passport 2, support for Safari and Firefox, and celebrating our first 300 users!

June 17, 2022

Passport is an extension for your browser that gives you a beautiful new tab page to inspire you throughout the workday, plus gives you mindful productivity tools to keep you on track. Upgrade your workday with gorgeous images, quotes, and facts on the most stunning destinations in the world. It recently got a gorgeous new design, expanded browser support, and has grown to a community of users in 17 countries around the world! Learn more below.

Get more inspiration in your day ✨

With Passport 2, things are getting more personal. Add your name and you’ll be greeted on your new tab page. Set your Daily Intention to the one thing you’re most focused on getting done today so you can keep it top of mind whenever you open a new tab. And to get you motivated, you'll sometimes be shown an inspirational quote to keep you going. Click the Twitter icon to share it to Twitter along with the image whenever you want to spread the love.

New browser support: welcome Safari and Firefox! 🎉

Showing some love to the Safari and Firefox users out there, Passport is now available in the Mac App Store and Firefox Add-ons. Give it a go and be sure to leave any feedback!

Dark mode 🌚

Enjoy a pleasant change of view when viewing fun facts with your computer’s Dark Mode setting turned on. Easy on the eyes.

Performance improvements 💪

Passport now loads quicker than ever before, even without an internet connection. Plus, it takes up over 75% less space than our competitors. Sorry for the flex.

Celebrating our first 300 users 🎉

I’m really excited that you’re sharing Passport with your friends, and I’m happy to see that the extension now has well over 300 users across 17 countries. For those who's native language isn't English, look out for upcoming support for Hindi, Indonesian, French, and Spanish.

This was really a labor of love. I originally built Passport during the pandemic when I really wished I could see the world again. I've always just focused on the hard work of conceiving a vision of my own and building something I love. I hope you’ve been finding it as inspirational as I have. If you have, I'd really appreciate leaving a rating on your browser's extension store or sharing it with your friends.

Tweet me @passportapp or @michaelflores23 if you have any suggestions or feedback!