Passport 2.2 now out for Chrome, Edge, and Safari

August 2, 2022

Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Edge users can now download Passport version 2.2! Get it now for Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

✨ What's new

- Weather widget powered by Apple Weather! You can now see the current weather conditions on supported browsers. Edge users may see a location permission prompt and will need to re-enable the extension due to the additional permission use. Safari users cannot currently see this widget – Safari doesn't yet support the geolocation one-time permission and instead would prompt you each day if you want to enable location access. So, to not bother you, I haven't enabled it. I'm exploring ways to make this more seamless before I enable it for Safari.

To use it, just click the Weather display in the upper left corner of the screen.

- Added a time display. Special detail: the color of the display matches the dominant color of the image.

- Daily Intentions are now about mindful productivity and give you default intentions. Each day a new intention is displayed, aiming to help you practice mindful self-improvement.

- Image of the day: rather than the dopamine overdose of an ever-changing image on your new tab, Passport now shows one great image per day.

- Quotes are less intrusive: quotes and the daily greeting now only show occasionally

- Settings: control whether the Daily Intention and Quotes will display, and control the unit of measurement for the Weather widget

- Improved dark mode support and window tinting for Safari: the browser bar will now change based on the image

I hope you enjoy these updates! Get it now for Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Firefox users will temporarily be stuck on the previous version as Mozilla has not enabled support for the latest Extensions features in Firefox. As soon as Firefox catches up, updates for that browser will continue.