Service Update

Temporary Service Disruption for Chrome Users

June 27, 2022

UPDATE: Service is restored and back to normal. If the extension doesn't appear, navigate to chrome://extensions in the URL bar and then refresh the page.

Existing users on Chrome will receive a message that the Passport browser extension has been disabled due to a Chrome Web Store Policy violation, and new users are temporarily unable to locate the extension in the Web Store. I want to assure you this has nothing to do with malicious code or compromising your data, and users on other browsers are unaffected. A frivolous copyright claim was filed which temporarily made it past Google's filter for such claims. While the process of restoring normal service may take some time, you can manually re-enable the extension by following the process below.

Navigate to "chrome://extensions" in the omnibar.

Where you see the listing for "Passport - beautiful browser tab", enable it by clicking the button the bottom right.

When enabled it will appear blue.

Unfortunately, frivolous copyright claims are all too common. Thankfully Google has well-established processes for dealing with these situations, and service should be restored soon. Sorry for the disruption. Feel free to follow @passportapp on Twitter for updates.