What's new in Passport 2.1.3

June 22, 2022

Every week, new updates are shipped. Some weeks focus on bugs, and others have new features. This week there are both! Passport 2.1.3 is available now for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. In most browsers it will update automatically the next time you open the browser. To update it for Safari, open the Updates tab in the macOS App Store, or click Update here. Here's what's new:

✨ Private analytics

Since the new tab page is always opened first when browsing to something a new URL, there's a lot of opportunity for data collection. The Passport Browser Extension does none of that. It doesn't use Google Analytics or Mixpanel because I'm not interested in feeding surveillance capitalism. This release includes a private analytics solution that uses no cookies and doesn't track you across sites and apps. It doesn't tell me what you're doing in the extension, where you go after you exit the extension, and tells me nothing about who you are as an individual. The only data it tells me is how many people use it, what type of browser they use, and what country they're located in (this helps me prioritize localization efforts). Learn more about how privacy is respected in Passport.

🐛 Fixes & Improvements

- Quotes now appear less often, to reduce visual clutter when opening a new tab

- Fixed visual issues that could occur at various window sizes